Animal Control:

It’s happened to all of us before right? A stray animal shows up at the front door, a dog is running in the middle of the road dragging a leash, or we find an animal that appears to have been dumped by its previous owners and it is not wearing any form of id. What do we do in these situations?

First and foremost, please don’t transport the animal or try to handle it. DVHS advises people to call your local Dog Control Officer. These officers are trained to handle stray animals and carry the proper equipment and must process the paperwork that is necessary to care for such an animal.

Most times, strays are just lost and more often than not are reclaimed by their owners within 24 hours. Please refer to the following list of Dog Control Officers in accordance with the areas that DVHS covers:

Deposit: Bryan Moore (607) 201-8479

Franklin: Julia Lockwood (607) 369-3498

Sanford: Bryan Moore (607) 201-8479

Sidney Village: Brandon McEwan (607) 267-6020

Sidney Town & Sidney Center: Julia Lockwood (607) 369-3498

Unadilla; Julia Lockwood (607)369-3896

These officers are trained to seize a stray animal and safely bring it to us where we can properly care for them and try to locate the responsible party or owner.